About Jinny Joes

Ueber Jinny Joes

Welcome to the online store of Jinny Joes!

With the founding of my company Jinny Joes Home and Kitchen Accessories I have fulfilled a dream in 2016. Together with my husband and our small team, we run the online store for unique and decorative home and kitchen accessories in Nordic style.

I hope I can infect you with my passion for enchanting home accessories and high-quality kitchen aids from trendy brands! Beautify your home and find versatile gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

By the way, I came up with the name "Jinny Joes" while reading a novel by Cecilia Ahern. The Irish term means to make a wish from the umbrella-shaped dandelion seeds and then blow them into the air. It's almost like kissing a frog and hoping it will turn into a prince charming. In this sense: Let yourself be inspired!

If you have any questions, suggestions or product inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp. We look forward to hearing from you. Also check out our Facebook page and Instagram. We also appreciate a Like and your feedback. Stay informed, sign up for our newsletter (max. 4x per year) and get a 5.- voucher for your order.


Janine Bachmann and the team Jinny Joes