Welcome to, the partner shop of Jinny Joe's home & kitchen accessories!

I am very pleased to introduce you to our partner store chä! Behind chä is Stephanie Hauser. Already as a small child she was interested in experimenting with colors and shapes. Whether with fabrics, paste, wood or paper, DIY projects were a part of her life from an early age. In the process, she discovered her passion for creating and designing cards.

Stephanie Hauser, Partnershop chä

"Sending a card, to me, is one of the most charming ways to let the people we love know we're thinking of them, sharing in their lives, and sharing joy or sadness."
- Stephanie Hauser -

Stephanie from chä is also a mompreneur from Hirzel. We met during pregnancy gymnastics and have been sharing our heartfelt projects regularly ever since. When a mutual acquaintance sent us a photo of one of Stephanie's beautiful cards, along with Jinny Joes products, the idea of partnership was born. Jinny Joes offers a selection of chä in their online store, and Stephanie is very passionate about making the handmade eye-catching cards. The proceeds from the sale of the Greeting cards go entirely to Stephanie.
If you would like a card with a specific motif, you can contact Stephanie directly at www.chä