Creative DIY project with the storage jar from Eulenschnitt

This DIY idea is versatile and can be used as a gift, souvenir or table decoration. It's also a great way to brighten up the room and create a cosy atmosphere. With a little creativity and nature, you can create a magical decoration in no time with these simple instructions.
You need:

And that's how it's done:
Before you can start designing, you need to take the hyacinths out of the pot and shake off the soil to expose the roots.
Be careful to take the plants apart so as not to damage them.

Now you can place the prepared hyacinths in the storage jar and carefully cover the roots with some moss.

To give the arrangement the finishing touch, you can now place a matching decorative hanger or other decorative elements next to the hyacinths in the jar.


Tip: If you want to embellish the DIY project even more, you can decorate the lid of the storage jar with a candle or other decorative elements. This will make the arrangement even more decorative and the lid will become an important part of the overall picture.

We hope you enjoy this DIY idea! Let your creativity run wild and design your storage jar just the way you like it.

Your Jinny Joes - Team